Britain’s first travelling stamp auction

Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions


  • You can bid in the room or via the internet or emailing us prior to the auction and we will be bidding for you as if you were present in the room. You can by prior arrangement also ask for someone to bid for you live on the phone during the auction.
  • Make sure that we have sent back a confirmation that we have received your bids.

Bidding Steps

The main sales will be going in bidding steps as follows:

  • From £50 to £100 in steps of £5
  • From £101 to £200 in steps of £10
  • From £200 to £500 in steps of £20
  • From £500 to £2000 in steps of £50
  • Over £2000 at the discretion of the auctioneer

Sellers & Buyers Fees

Buyers and seller fees are as follows:

  • Buyers pay a flat fee of 10% inclusive of vat on all item purchases.
  • Sellers are charged a fee of 20% exclusive of vat and a handling charge of £2 per lot exclusive of vat

Other terms and conditions:

You have the right to return an item after purchase but this only applies if you have not been present at the auction and if the item clearly is not as advertised. You have to notify us within 7 days of receipt of the goods to request a return.

We do not accept cheques or payment by American Express or payment in unused stamps unless prior agreed. We do not supply goods unless they have been paid for in full.

In case of any dispute the auctioneers decision is final.

If we receive 2 identical bids prior to auction the earliest received bid will be taken as the winning bid.

Make sure you get your items and bids in as early as possible.

We do not commonly send out catalogues as you will be able to get them on our website and can see pictures of all the lots there too. If you want a paper copy, listing the lots only, we can supply this for regular customers at no extra cost.

Finally if you are unsure about any aspect of our auction or have questions feel free to email or call us.